Elysombra was the D&D campaign that I ran from 1999 to 2004. Characters went from 5th level to 20th and a little beyond. The characters started as crusaders. One became king and later turned out to be the king of Hell. The characters inadvertently instigated the end of the world, and the campaign ended with the ultimate battle between good and evil. As it should be.

Player Introduction
the campaign intro

Campaign Record
brief summaries of the campaign sessions
finished November 2004

He Who Would Be King Rolls a 1
game session write-up

Empire of Kaerd after the End of Days
the Ten Great Dragons and their people

Kaerd Intro
for the campaign that never was

Four Bells that Toll the End
the prophecy that's coming true

Campaign Update
events in the first year of King Ravain

Sombran Character Classes
character class and Sombran culture

Sombran Races
choices for PCs, a view of the culture

Dwarves' Statues
graven images for graven people

Social Status
vocations and character class

Sombran Clerics
domains, etc.

charting the year as the Creator wishes

Dragons of Kaerd
rulers of a distant land

sin in a world where it's real

Demons and Devils
rebels and servants

Dragons True and False
creatures of the Fallen Angel

Gnome Cities
ambiguous allies

Spirit Nagas
for you to download and run