Sombran Races

Human: The standard stock. Thanks to the speed at which humans breed, they compose the bulk of the returning conquerors.

Dwarf: Respected warriors and historians, expected to be champions in the reconquest of Elysombra's Underland. They were created by Primus especially to conquer the Underland, which Nimicus created. [Nimicus is the enemy of Primus.]

Elf: Known as aloof magicians. A PC elf might be a local who knows the terrain and acts as a guide or an opportunist allying with the conquerors. Frequently distrusted, as elves were created by Nimicus, the enemy of Primus. Most, however, are merely faithless (not unholy), and many follow the false faith of druidism.

Gnome: Sombran gnomes tend to be intellectuals and professionals. Gnomes, too, were created by Nimicus, but they are good-natured so other Sombrans tolerate them. They often have psionic powers.

Halfling: Uncommon, but well-accepted among humans. Known as wanderers, sometimes regarded as rootless and faithless. They are at least true people (created by Primus).

Half-Elf: Most likely the offspring of Sombran humans and elves from the lands to which the refugees fled. Possibly mistrusted.

Half-Orc: Generally considered monstrous. A half-orc PC needs a special reason to be accepted as an equal among Sombrans (and not as a deadly enemy by dwarves in particular). After all, Nimicus created orcs to eat humans.

August 2002