Campaign Record

I kept a short reminder of each game session in my campaign. These were mostly here for my players, who sometimes amble through my site, but the rest of you might like skimming it, too. The campaign lasted 66 sessions over 5 years.

1. Mysterious Visitor
Gliss and Ta-Wei Shek meet the venerable dwarf Tormov. Stadia is struck by some invisible creature, suspected to be a quasit.

2. Mipuk's Head
Quasit trouble, big giant, major story. The party retrieves the head of their sergeant from a hill giant. Ta-Wei spots a gnome in the giants' stead.

3. Evil Spring
A twilight strike against an evil stronghold. Remember, don't drop the silence spell.

4. Let's Meet the Elves, or
Orcs Kicked Their Asses

A "talking" adventure. Orc barbarians cause trouble.

5. Black Dragon
Adventure in the Underland. And the black elf (Voftow, see #18). The black dragon escapes (see #18, #34), as does the elf.

6. To the Front
The crusaders arrive at Lang Garrison. Lieutenant Utele "arrests" them.

7. Garrison Duty
The "kids" strut their stuff. Introducing the elites. (See #25)

8. Orc Camp, Battle at the Quarry
Major Throwdown. Another black elf, which escapes.

9. Visitation
Vanashon the Uniter visits the Lang Garrison.

10. Green Flame
Sigurd finds a statue of Djess, a famous ancestor, which winks at him. Sigurd succumbs to the lure of the green flame, but Ravain saves him. Sigurd becomes a cleric.

11. Emissary
Sigurd conducts a ritual to rename the fort from Lang Garrison to Stone of Djess. Vanashon has made peace with the gnome-run cities. A gnome emissary arrives with gifts. Then a fireball ember drops in among them.

12. Fireball Incident
An invisible mage from the Fleet trashes the Stone of Djess. The emissary splits at the first sign of trouble.

13. Bodak
The heroes find a dwarven holdout who had been turned into a bodak by the green flame. They capture a preserved drow corpse. Back in Holystone, Fywoff wrings secrets from the corpse, and the reconquerors now know that the black elves have the Stone of the Throne. [map of dwarven holdout]

14. Canal
The heroes find the Underland canal leading to the Heart of the Mountain, where the black elves hold the Stone of the Throne. [map of entrance to canal]
     Thyliska shows up and takes up residence in the Stone.

15. Stone Bodies
The heroes clamber through a hellish mass of stone bodies, formerly a part of Hell. They fight big cockatrices, a fiendish giant, and girallons.

16. The Barge and the Quasit
The heroes meet Reedorox and learn of Avarnála, the marilith. They learn of a barge from the nearby drow city (Koop-hove).

17. Killing the Drow
The heroes ambush the barge and kill the drow wizard running it. This is the first time that a drow foe did not escape them.

18. Triple Ambush
The heroes ward off an ambush by two drow wizards, a black dragon, and orc barbarians. The black dragons flees. They capture Voftow, one of the wizards. Back at Holystone, the captive is coerced into spilling enough information that the heroes can now teleport to the Heart of the Mountain.

19. Venture to the Throne of Spiders
Ravain becomes king. The drow low priestess is destroyed. The Stone of the Throne is reclaimed.

20. Travel to Vindle
Gliss flame strikes Nimican civilians. The party meets with First Minister Gingerloaf.

21. Raid at Vindle
Attack the Fleet ship and send it with a message back to High Captain Starsail.

22. Back Toward Vindle
Strafed by wizard, message from Gingerloaf. Vindle has fallen and the Church of Hell is now in charge.

23. Assault on the Church of Hell
An attempt to walk in the front door of the Church of Hell proves imprudent. Nagas repel the reconquerors with fireballs.

24. Holystone has Fallen
The party refuges back from their defeat in Vindle to find their capital destroyed. Sigurd returns and guides them to the Underland, where Eppsy and "Mask" are coordinating the Reconquest.

25. Fall of the Stone of Djess
Bone devils attack the fort and kill the elites, except for Stam Allisan. Thyliska's daughter D'zhay rejoins the Sombrans after a hundred years.

26. Rendezvous in Koop-hove
The dwarves' redoubt. Sombran forces convene in the old dwarven city in the Underland. (It had been a drow city for the last hundred years.)

27. Communing with Primus
A dozen questions and a pint of blood.

28. Wizards' School
Stadia's father rescued. The blue dragon that had destroyed the school was not about.

29. Hellharrow
More bone devils, this time attacking Koop-hove. King Rider Ravain finds Vanashon's spirit sword, Hellharrow [illo].

30. Spectre Ambush
In the ruins of Holystone, six super-spectres jump the party and nearly defeat them.

31. Astral Construct Ambush
The Free City of Glane seems not to be the safe haven that it makes itself out to be. The PCs lead a plucky cooper to his bathly doom.

32. Saving Glane
Chat with Thyliska and Fezlon. Rendezvous with High Priestess Nuna. True-port to Lieutenant Utele, kill Demble Swivelgit, and save Glane from the Fleet.

33. Contretemps
Gliss teaches the Abiders in Glane. The party t-ports to the Giqfot circle's woodland home.

34. Island of Terror
Guided but High Priestess Nuna, the party true-ports to an island where Sombrans are stranded. Bestial elves, wyverns, and a certain black dragon, now upgunned.

35. Dragonfolk in the Land of Rubies
Once again guided by High Priestess Nuna, the party true-ports to the Land of Rubies, where they save Sombrans trapped in a mine and defeat a host of dragonfolk [illo].

36. Quasit's Trap
The party rendezvous with Reedorox, signs the deal with Avarnala, but then gets ambushed by a beholder and a toad demon.

37. Venture Through the Underland
With Elmo helpless and Stadia with her heart bitten out, the rest of the party struggles to the surface through the Underland. They flee from a gigantic umber hulk and make it to the Stone of Djess safely.

38. Return to the Church of Hell
The party beats their way into the Church of Hell.

39. Atrium to Hell
The party fights mightily in the main hall of the Church of Hell but loses Stadia.

40. Hell's Basement
The party faces Frooth's forces, kills Tsenk, and retreats.

41. Second Return to the Church of Hell
The party returns to a reinforced Church of Hell and gets bottled up in their own silence spell. Gliss and Ta Wei are lost.

42. Hydra's Cave
Mezzraim uncovers the King and Holystone. The two of them and Elmo travel to a haunted cave, kill a hydra, and capture an imp, who says that Rider Ravain is the King of Hell.

43. Sparring with Thyliska
Tregarin arrives. Determined to take on Krent, the party first spars with Thyliska to see what a huge dragon is capable of. They meet Kael, a friend of Thylislka's.

44. Killing Krent
Coalition forces finish off the "king" of Elysombra. They see a gaunt, otherworldy figure, but it escapes.

45. Second Crowning on the Stone
The party is shifted to Hell, where the throne room is empty. They follow a pillar of light up through countless levels of Hell to the Sunlands. The first Bell has tolled, marking the beginning of the end of the world.

46. Plans Drawn
The king and his cohorts plan to recover the hearts of Stadia, Gliss, and Ta-Wei.

47. Ship of Death
A ship of drowned, damned Sombrans souls attacks Enmeka. Eppsy calls forth a pit fiend, and it halts at King Ravain's command.

48. Fall of Enmeka
The pit fiend recovers the lost hearts, but another pit fiend's devils take them back and raze Enmeka. The PCs' feint takes them to a macabre prison farm where they are trampled by failed dragons.

49. Conquest of Hell
The cohorts turn the pit fiend's intelligence against itself, and it advises a lightning conquest of Hell, which the King undertakes. He retreats when he catches sight Nimicus.

50. Stone Golem Attack
A huge, four-armed stone golem attacks the cohorts while Nimicus chats with the King in an astral chamber.

51. Heap of Magic Items
Devils across the globe fetch the best magic items and drop them at the cohorts' feet, along with the lost hearts. They also recover the hearts of Vanashon, Nuna, and Fywoff.

52. Resurrections
The cohorts have the devils create a safe refuge for them in the heart of a mountain far from Elysombra. Mizzraim resurrects Nuna, who resurrects Ta Wei, Gliss, Stadia, Vanashon, Fywoff, and others.

53. Cohorts Reunited
The King has a little explaining to do, since his resurrected cohorts aren't yet used to the whole "king of Hell" angle. The Reconquest a thing of the past, the cohorts agree to hit evil as hard as they can as long as they can, to soften the enemy up for the impending Battle at the End of the World.

54. Avarnala
The party returns to Enmeka to get the Stone of the Throne. Avarnala is waiting for them, and they destroy her and her ogre mage lackeys. Reedorox and the gaunt demon that they saw near Krent's lair escaped.

55. Umber Hulk Threat
The party trashes super-strong umber hulks that were burrowing toward in the mountain where their refuge is hidden.

56. Kaerd's Doom
The party travels to Kaerd in search of the Blue Emperor, only to find the land devastated by undead.

57. Princess of War
The party travels to the distant land of the legendary death giants, where they vanquish the Green Princess, the Princess of War.

58. Vaerm Attacks
While searching for a locus of undead power to the east of the Land of Rubies, the party is ambushed by Vaerm. They kill Reedorox and all escape alive.

59. Vaerm Dies
The party gears up for dragon, taunts Vaerm into attacking, and takes her down. But then her body is consumed in green flame, and Nimicus itself claims her.

60. Font of the Deep
The party finds an unholy temple that is flooding the surrounding land with brine and slowly wearing reality away. The dozen nightwalkers guarding the site are enough to rout the party and almost enough to carry Elmo to oblivion.

61. Demonic Mountain
The party finds a center of demonic power on a distant continent, but the demons have almost all fled to Hell for a party at the end of the world. Monks from Falcon's Rest attack, and the party defeats them. Ta Wei becomes the abbot.

62. Gnome Redoubt
Rustlereed, formerly the First Minister of Glane, invites the party to a bastion of gnome power. The gnomes intend to transfer themselves out of the universe to escape the Deep.

63. Call for Courage
The party convinces most of the gnomes not to leave this universe but to stay and fight.

64. Drow Assault
The party attacks the spider queen of the drow and toll the next bell. Vaerm arrives, imbued with the power of Nimicus, and the last bell tolls as well.

65. Battle with Vaerm
Vaerm defeats all the party, but not without dying once herself.

66. Last Battle
The party, now half-celestial, returns with the host of Heaven to conquer the world once and for all. Their special task to is to take out the nightwalkers at the font of oblivion, those who had defeated them in life. They walked through the nightwalkers, but then Vaerm showed up. Her green flame was especially devastating to those she'd killed in the previous battle, and D'Zhay was nearly killed. But the party rallied and defeated her. Ta-Wei delivered the killing blow, going ethereal, moving into her brain, and revealing to her an image of Heaven.
     Rather more of the world had been lost to oblivion than prophecy had led the Sombrans to believe, but Heaven won out in the end, and Primus established his eternal kingdom for the survivors.

the end


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Elmo Lightbringer, Ta-Wei Shek, King Ravain, Gliss, Stadia, and D'zhay catch a breath after defeating Vaerm.