Great Dragons of Kaerd After the End of Days

Kaerd was once a large, powerful empire far from Elysombra. Its human rulers, even the emperor, were all subservient to the Ten Great Dragons, each of which had a formal position in the draconic royalty.

The Dragons' War and the destruction of the devils undermined the Empire, and undead from the Deep have overrun it, or at least the best part of it. With no sun to drive them back into the Deep, the undead roam the land freely. Near the coast, only small, warded hold-outs remain, most with fewer than 20 people.

Refugees and prisoners know the following about the Ten Great Dragons.

Kings and Queens

Blue Queen, Lady of the Emperor, Queen of Law, Mistress of the Green Princess

She has abandoned her capital and retreated in to the refuge of the Gold King. His paladins maintain the most secure land in the world. Most likely she is trying to find a way to lead dragonkind to some sort of ultimate victory in the Battle at the End of Days.

Vaerm may be more powerful than the Blue Queen, but the Blue Queen commands far superior resources.


Gold King, Lord of Virtue, King of the Righteous, Master of the Bronze Prince

He is protecting the Blue Queen and the Blue Emperor, her dirtling representative. The Gold King's land is under siege but still somewhat secure. His is the only kingdom where dragons are systematically protecting the people.


Silver Queen, Lady of Liberty, Mistress of the Copper and Brass Princes

Her kingdom is in ruins, her best dragons mostly dead. She is trying to rebuild her forces before the next crisis, but the Blue Queen has denied her entry into the Gold King's refuge. Like the Gold King, she is forming her own refuge, and her forces are recovering.


Red Queen (Vaerm), Lady of Rage, Queen of Frenzy, Mistress of the Black and White Princes

She has disappeared. What is left of her dragons are killing each other in spiteful extremes of vengeance. When she shows up, she's surely going to vent her fury.


Princes and Princesses

Blue Queen's Servant, Green Princess, Princess of War

On missions abroad for the Blue Queen.


Gold Dragon's Servant, Bronze Prince, Prince of Justice

Protecting the Gold King.


Silver Queen's Servant, Copper Prince, Prince of Words

Probably destroyed in the Dragons' War.


Silver Dragon's Servant, Brass Prince, Prince of Deeds

Destroyed in the Dragons' War.


Vaerm's Servant, Black Prince, Prince of Death

Probably destroyed in the Dragons' War.


Vaerm's Servant, White Prince, Prince of Ruin

Probably destroyed in the Dragons' War.

February 2004



Krent, child of Vaerm, the self-described king of Elysombra after the fall of Holystone