Acts themselves make you unholy. If you have sex with a stranger who turns out to be your long-lost brother, you've made yourself unholy. If someone slips you a person's flesh in with your ham and you eat it, you're unholy. You can atone, but until you do, you're unholy. Even if you commit an unholy act for good motives, such as eating person-flesh in order to infiltrate an unholy cabal, it's the act that counts, not the intent. It's no different from rubbing feces in an open wound. It doesn't matter why you do it, it corrupts you.

If you are unholy when you die, you can't get into Heaven. Just the sight of Heaven would be enough to strike an unholy soul with palsy. Nimicus and his devils get you and take you to Hell, where you're tortured for the rest of eternity.

Spies and scouts sometimes corrupt themselves so that, if caught, they are unholy and detect as such to spells. These spies and scouts go to Hell if they die, but they at least have the promise of redemption after Primus wins the Final Battle. Corrupting oneself to infiltrate the enemy is a dangerous ploy.

Summoning devils and demons is an unholy act, but Sombran wizards are trained to do so without corrupting themselves.

Torture is an unholy act. Historically, Sombran kings, both above and below the earth, had infidel torturers to interrogate prisoners.

December 2001

Vanashon the Uniter, with Hellharrow