Dwarven Statues

Unlike holy humans and halflings, dwarves make graven and carved images. Primus carved dwarves out of stone, and they, in turn, may carve images into or out of stone themselves. Primus forbids them, however, to make images of anything greater than people (such as angels), lest the images be venerated, or of anything lesser than true people (such as orcs), lest those who look on them be degraded.

Dwarves do not sculpt animals on their own, though pets appear on a few sculptures just as armor, axes, Scriptures, and other personal effects might. The same goes for flowers and vegetation, veneration of which is linked to the false faith of "druidism." The stars, sun, and moon are right out. The stars are angels and are not to be venerated, as many unholy people venerate the demons created by Nimicus [the first and falsest false god]. The brightest star is Primus's only child, the fallen daughter Cho, so that's not very good, either. The sun is the visage of Primus, and it would be heinous to reduce Primus to an idol. The moon (also called "the elfsun") is Nimicus's slipshod attempt to duplicate the sun, so it has no place in dwarven imagery, either. Humans and halflings, like dwarves, are true people, created by Primus. Elves, like gnomes and orcs, are false people, created by Nimicus, so no elves or gnomes among dwarven statues.

The party has encountered a lot of dwarven statues in the Underland. For anyone brought up in a holy human or halfling society, it's a strange sight.

August 2002