Sombran Character Classes

Barbarians are not found among the Sombrans.

Bards who sing the glories of Sombran paladins and such are well accepted, but most bards are a bit too footloose for Sombran tastes. Arcane spellcasters who do not follow the wizards' code are considered threats to society.

Clerics of Primus are the backbone of Sombran society. They are allowed to speak the secret Name of Primus among their peers. (Clerics of Nimicus or Cho are enemies of the Sombrans.)

Druids are members of a primitive, worldwide order that refuses to bend knee to Primus.

Fighters are considered to be thugs, dangerous and base. An exception is the dwarven fighter, as Primus created dwarves to fight the unholy underground races.

Monks are connected to the church, but they are mystics rather than priests. They may speak the secret Name of Primus, but only silently, during meditation.

Paladins are the ideal warriors. They are allowed to speak the secret Name of Primus among their peers.

Psions and psionic warriors are virtually unknown. Psionics is a creation of Nimicus.

Rangers are Sombrans who learned their skills in a savage land of some kind. Experienced rangers, those who cast spells, are mistrusted because Sombrans associate them with druids.

Rogues are Sombrans who had to learn a harsh trade to get by in a foreign land.

Sorcerers are mistrusted as unpredictable freaks.

Sombran wizards follow a strict code of conduct which they learn along with their spells. This code allows them to perform arcane, unholy acts (such as summoning devils) without becoming corrupt.

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