Four Bells that Toll the End

It turns out that the paladin who became king is actually the king of Hell. No one knows for sure what that means. When he tried to attune the stone again to establish himself as the king of Elysombra, he and his companions were plane-shifted to the throne room of Hell, which (mysteriously) is mostly abandoned. (Throne of Hell illustrated on right.) Then there was the gigantic pillar of light piercing all the levels of Hell. Meanwhile, back on the surface of the world, the moon became red and the spirits of the dead rose from the sea. At this point in the campaign, the prophecy of Polimat has become relevant.

This is from Polimat's prophecy in the Scripture. It's about the four bells that toll in Heaven and declare the arrival of the Last Days.

Here's a summary of what Polimat reports seeing in a vision:

"When the first golden bell tolled in Heaven, the moon became as blood, and the tormented souls of the drowned surged forth from the seas and slaughtered the living.

"When the second golden bell tolled, the stars wailed with grief, and the false people made war against the true people. Many of the true people were killed, but not all of them.

"When the third bell tolled, the sky became black day and night, and the dragons warred first on each other and then on the true people. Many of the true people were killed, but not all of them.

"When the fourth bell tolled, the earth bled, and the devils rose from Hell and led unholy armies to conquer the underland and the sunland. Most of the true people were killed, but not all of them.

But then the angelic hosts descended from Heaven, and all the righteous dead returned to earth to give battle to the fiendish horde. A third of the righteous were slain and lost forever, but the rest lived to see victory. Nimicus and his creatures were destroyed. Primus reestablished His rightful Kingdom throughout the universe, and all who survived were to live in joy forever.

[Note: No one knows how much time is supposed to pass between one bell and the next.]

March 2003

Empire of Kaerd after the End of Days
after the first and third bells tolled