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If you're about to jump onto my guestbook in order to post an angry response to something on my site, please do yourself and me the favor of rereading my rant. I'm getting a little tired of responding to critics who didn't read my posts carefully enough. There are plenty of things for honest, thoughtful people to disagree about, so we don't have to waste each others' time misunderstanding each other.

Email Addresses
The smart thing to do when you leave your email address is to put obviously false characters into it, like " That way spammers can't easily glom onto your address, but I can still figure it out and email you.

Previous Guestbooks

My fifth guestbook was a sorry excuse for a guestbook. My apologies to those who used it.

My fourth guestbook was overrun by robot spam.

My third guestbook was overrun by robot spam.

My second guestbook was a mess because the character limit was harsh.

Most of my first guestbook was trashed in the transition from to Here is an early, incomplete archive of that first guestbook.