Kaerd Intro

[This is the intro to a D&D campaign that I haven't yet gotten off the ground. It's set in Kaerd, on the same world as my Elysombra campaign, but it's different. You can compare it to Elysombra's intro, if you like.]

Nothing is true.
Everything is permitted.

You live in the mightiest empire the world has ever known, Kaerd, the land of dragons. You can go anywhere you want. You can take anything you can grab. You can do anything you like. Just keep your eye on the other guy, because they might get a mind to do what they like—to you.

A long time ago, the Old God made the world for himself, his own neat little garden with his own well-groomed little footmen. Fuck that shit. The New God tricked the Old God and wrested the world free. Truth be told, the New God wanted the world for himself. But his eyes were bigger than his grip, or the world was just plain too big for him to keep hold. Sure, it was a straight up power grab, but the net result is, he lost control, and now the world is free. Free for the grabbing. The New God tried to take the world and hold it, but he set it free. (When he succeeds, he fails. When he fails, he succeeds. Lies are truth. Praise Lu.)

Now you yourself, you've managed to get hold of a piece of the world. The world has been pretty much divvied up among the dragons, the demons, and the lords, but they're always fighting over it, battling back and forth, and pieces are all the time falling loose. That's where people like you come in. People with the sense and strength to grab what's not nailed down.

Not that you're not a bad person, as people go. Hell, you've got a good heart, and you'd rather see little kids live than die, and maybe, more than others, you appreciate the sense of justice being done when some villain gets a slick blade in the gut. It's not like you're out to hurt anyone.

Then again, you're no fool. The New God has broken truth and turned reality into a question of power. You're going to do what you can to get what you can get. And you can do a lot. You're not just some regular dirtling. You've got talent. You've got experience. You've got ambition.

May 2003