Dragons of Kaerd

Kaerd is a large, powerful empire far from Elysombra. Its human rulers, even the emperor, are all subservient to mighty dragons, each of which has a formal position in the draconic royalty. These royal dragons are:

Black Prince: Servant to the Red Queen, Prince of Death

Blue Queen: Lady of the Emperor, Queen of Law, Mistress of the Green Princess

Brass Prince: Servant to the Silver Dragon, Prince of Deeds

Bronze Prince: Servant to the Gold Dragon, Prince of Justice

Copper Prince: Servant to the Silver Queen, Prince of Words

Gold King: Lord of Virtue, King of the Righteous, Master of the Bronze Prince

Green Princess: Servant to the Blue Queen, Princess of War

Red Queen (Vaerm): Lady of Rage, Queen of Frenzy, Mistress of the Black and White Princes

White Prince: Servant to the Red Queen, Prince of Ruin

Silver Queen: Lady of Liberty, Mistress of the Copper and Brass Princes

December 2001

Empire of Kaerd after the End of Days
the Ten Great Dragons and their people