Hall of Stone Campaign

Heresy Alert: Naturally, my Tékumel is noncanonical. I'm exaggerating the setting, making it more hidebound, more ritualistic, more repressive, etc.

Campaign Concept
the deal in a nutshell

Character Concept
cultural and personal background

Player Information
game session introductions

Hall of Stone
clan description

Campaign Mechanics
how things work

your father's temple

Character Power Update
revisions, etc.

Characters: Social Abilties
update on how social abilities work

If Only
a convention for portraying your character during social adventures


I couldn't run my campaign if I didn't have this book. It's got more Tékumel spirit than Tekumel: EPT. On the other hand, its culture content is sorely lacking, so I need Tekumel: EPT, too. This book is where I look for Underworld stuff: monsters and treasures. Tekumel: EPT is where I look for culture stuff: clans and temples.