Hall of Stone Campaign:
Campaign Concept


Tekumel: Above and Below

Aboveground, protocol is everything. If you are seated next to your most hated enemy, you are to observe the code of right conduct. You show proper respect to your superiors and proper authority over your underlings. The man demonstrates right conduct, the clan prospers, and the empire thrives.

Belowground, power is all. The treasures of a hundred forgotten civilizations wait to be uncovered. Lurking here are creatures that hated humans since before the Darkness. In the underworld, custom is a dream. If you run across someone you don’t particularly care for, pray that you have the upper hand.

In the light of day, all codes of conduct are to be followed that the Empire may prevail forever.

In the underworld, the sword and the spell are the law, and ancient evil waits unseen.