Hall of Stone Campaign:


The men of the Hall of Stone worship all Twenty Lords, both the ten Lords of Stability and the ten Lords of License. This evenhandedness demonstrates the clan’s superior nobility. Each character is allied to one of the Lords, more or less strongly. The character has no choice as to the temple to which he belongs. He belongs to his father’s temple.

The Twenty Lords are:


Tlomitlányal, the Gods of Stability

Hnálla, Supreme Principle of Order

Drá, the Uncaring, Cohort of Hnálla

Karakán, Lord of War

Chegárra, the Hero-King, Cohort of Karakán.

Thúmis, Lord of Wisdom

Keténgku, the Many-Eyed, Cohort of Thúmis

Avánthe, Mistress of Heaven

Dilinála, the Lovely Maiden of the Turquoise Crown, Cohort of Avánthe

Belkhánu, Lord of the Excellent Dead

Qón, the Ancient One of Pleasures, Cohort of Belkhánu

Tlokìriqaluyál, the Gods of License

Hrü’ü, Supreme Principle of License

Wurú, the Unnameable, Cohort of Hrü’ü

Vimúhla, Lord of Fire

Chiténg, Lord of Red Spouting Flame, Cohort of Vimúhla

Ksárul, Ancient Lord of Secrets

Grugánu, Knower of Spells, Cohort of Ksárul

Dlamélish, Green-Eyed Lady of Fleshy Joys

Hriháyal, the Dancing Maiden of Temptation, Cohort of Dlamélish

Sárku, Five-Headed Lord of Worms

Durritlámish, Black Angel of the Putrescent Hand, Cohort of Sárku