Hall of Stone Campaign:
Character Power Update

Here are Xzander's, Peetul's, and Vizipozul's powers. Dalton, I'm not going to put the actual names of your abilities on my web site.


Aid (at least one)

Insistent Strike. Opportunity attack. +5 attack, 1d10 damage, +5 vs. Fort to stop moving creature. [don’t know if I ever saw this one in action, ]

Distracting Dance. men get ­2 on attacks.

Brilliant Defense. Charged. +2 AC to party 1 round. This one used to be a huge bonus at close range, which made everyone huddle. Now it affects everyone for less.


Attack (at least one)

Flail. Melee. 2 rounds. 1d8 melee attacks at +1 for d10.

Unseen Acwut of Inevitable Pain: 2 rounds. auto hit sight range for 3d6 damage

Force Push. Ranged Spell. 2 rounds. autohit for 2d8 damage, +5 vs. Fort to push 5 feet. [This one seemed weak, but if you push someone into an obstacle, they get -2 next turn. Try that.]


Defense (no more than one constant defense)

Arcane Resilience. +3 hp, DR 1, +10 will saves, +3 fortitude and reflex

Barrier that Turns Aside Blades. Charged. DR 6.

Battle-Hardened. +6 hit points at 1st level (+2 each higher level); DR 2

Dodge: +5 soft AC

Amulet of Renewed Hope: Charged. +5 soft AC, +5 saves.

Cower. -2 attack, +10 soft AC


Utility (any number)

Dash. +15 feet