Hall of Stone Campaign:
Campaign Mechanics

Story Points

At the beginning of each session, each player gets 1 story point. You can use your story point to decide a decision that's before the group. Once there's been enough talk, anyone who wants to narrate how the decision ends up can pay their story point to do so.

Contests: If more than one player wants to use their story point, dice off. The player who wins uses the story point and narrates the decision.

No Hoarding: Unused story points disappear at the end of a session.

Player-Level Decision: You use a story point to determine what the group decides as players, not as characters. Using a story point doesn't always represent your character winning the debate. It means you as the player deciding how the decision turns out. You could even use a story point to have a decision turn out just the opposite of what your character wants.

Flexible Definition: You can retcon your use of your story point to broaden or focus it. For example, Sean used a story point to keep Peetul from getting at the zu'úr and retconned it to keep everyone out of it.

Rationale: The point of story points is to put an end to the otherwise interminable discussions that can bog down culture- or story-oriented adventures. You want characters to want different things, so you want players to want different things. Story points conclude the conflict and allow the story to move on.