Hall of Stone Campaign:
If Only

It's well-established that no character of mine is complete without at least one layer of irony. It should surprise no one that my latest campaign is founded on irony: the dichotomy between what the PCs would like to do and what protocol makes them say and do. To help drive home this dichotomy, I'm adding a new wrinkle to social adventures. During each social adventure, each player should try to find at least one instance in which protocol prevents their character from doing what they want. Players should share these instances out loud so that we can all appreciate the distance between what one desires and what protocol demands.

Ideally, this convention helps showcase the theme of the campaign (liberty versus tradition). It's also a way for Dalton to regale us with ear-burning accounts of what Peetul wishes she could do, without her actually doing crazy things that would get the whole party a free ride on the impaling post. If this works, it's a way to exercise more creative freedom in a social environment that, on its surface, isn't built to support creativity or freedom.

April 2007


Tsolyani have coppery skin. They prefer colorful clothing, but not much of it.