Hall of Stone Campaign:
Clan Description


Your Cousins

Long ago, during the Engsvanyáli Empire, your clan was strong, prosperous, and whole. But then the Darkness came, and chaos engulfed the world, some say for six millennia, some for ten, and your proud clan was split in two. That was the Time of No Kings. Over two millennia ago, when the Empire, now the Tsolyáni Empire, recovered from its fall, both halves of the clan we still strong. Your kin live among the islands, along the coast, and up the river in Jakálla. Your estranged cousins live to the north around the mountains and near the border of the Empire. So perfect is your adherence to the code of right conduct, that the two halves of the the clan are still identical in status and custom, just as when they split eight to twelve thousand years ago.


Your Status

You are “upper middle” caste. Some of your kin consider themselves to be the best sort of people, making on honest living (unlike the uppercaste men) while well above the lowercaste men in breeding, civilization, intelligence, beauty, poetic spirit, personal virtue, etc. Others seethe in private fury over not having been born noble, and still others adore the nobles with unseemly devotion. You deserve to be at the top of the middle caste, but you ar not because of the repeated sabotage you have suffered at the hands of the Black Stone clan.


Your Enemy

The Black Stone clan has been undermining your clan for thousands of years. Through trickery and sorcery, they’ve managed to raise their own status and decrease yours. They have fabricated documents and artifacts from the Time of No Kings to inflate their own status at your expense.

The Black Stone clanfolk mostly worship the Lords of License. Plenty of your own kinfolk worship the Lords of License, as well. Here in Jakálla, however, where the Black Stone clan is strong, worshipers of the Lords of License face meddling by Black Stone priests and scribes.



Peétul, the flamboyant aridáni, confronts the Livyáni sorcerer.