Game Design History
what I've been up to since 1987

Picks of GenCon
RPGs from the best four days in gaming

Taxi Service on Al Amarja
improvising RPG settings

Accommodating Free-Form Character Creation in Everway
how to let folks make up (almost) anything

Rose Peak
a short Everway campaign

Grogs in Ars Magica
history and utility

RuneQuest Mechanics
critiques of the RPG that taught me how to design RPGs

There is No Try
Kirkliness in RPGs

Playing Obsidian Free-Form
notes on a one-shot game session

Hit Points in D&D
praise for a much-maligned mechanic

Review: My Life With Master
narrative game by Paul Czege

Cooperative Rules for Pantheon
storytelling game by Robin D. Laws

Bitter Irony of HeroQuest
brilliant material two decades too late

Review: Sketch
a draw-your-hero RPG

Review: Dust Devils
gritty, zombie-free, western RPG

RPG Adventure Design
text as reference

Hero Wars: Newtlings
hooligan amphibians

Pen & Paper Fan Awards
how I voted

Fantasy Combat Matrix
from the original
Chainmail game
Matrix in Practice
Skip's 2 cents

Magic Item Slots
how much can you wear at once?
[updated November 2003]

Misogyny in Fantasy Imagery
a hungry she-demon and more

Shelters: Omega World Sites

Zigzag: Omega World Encounter
a Radioactivist clicky

Omega World FAQ
about my d20 version of
Gamma World

Omega World Encounter
d20 big mutant action

Playing Sorcerer
advice I could have used

RPG Review: Sorcerer
modern magic, sophisticated RPG

Review: Dying Earth RPG
talk about a cool RPG

Running Dying Earth RPG
aids for your first session

Arduin Grimoire
the coolest RPG book ever

Everway Session
a convention game

Everway family legend
link to a story of mine

Alarums & Excursions
an APA I sometimes contribute to

Christian RPG from the 80s

GMing Styles
how they change with different games

Religion in My RPGs
published and unpublished


Elysombra: Recent D&D campaign

Hall of Stone: Tékumel campaign.