Games, Omega World:
Omega World Shelters

by Dustin Gross

[Dustin led a playtest group for Omega World. This is some material that he developed and that you might find useful. It uses some slightly outdated rules, but you get what you pay for. —JoT]

Background: These shelters where mass-produced for the protection of mid-level VIPs and their families. The shelters where normally setup in small grouping of 5-10 for ease of construction and so that the different families would be able to support each other when the immerged from the shelters. A general description is given of the shelters, followed by adventure specifics.

You can download the above map and the map for the shelters.

Main Door: The main door for the shelters is a metallic door set in the side of either a hill or a small sloped concrete structure. The door appears to be hinged and opens out from the shelter. To the right side of the door is a small opening and a keypad. Normally the shelter is accessed via a card key/security card but it was also possible to open the door using a 10-digit security code. Getting through the door without having the card key or the security code can be accomplished in one of four ways.

1) By passing the locking mechanism (lock picking DC-30)

2) Forcing the door open (Strength DC-30)

3) Bashing the door down (Hardness-15 Hit Points-30)

4) The GM being a really nice guy and giving the characters a key

Opening the door in any way, other than using the key/code or bypassing the lock, will make it impossible to surprise anyone on the inside.

Interior Doors: The interior doors of the shelter are intended to act as airtight seals between the rooms and corridors in case of the main door being breached or a section collapsing. Due to budget cuts in the design, these doors do not close automatically. There description is similar to the main door but appear to be of lighter construction. (Lock Picking Dc-20, Strength DC-20, or Hardness-10 HP-20)

Entry Hall: The entry hallway is made of a reinforced concrete like substance and is dimly illuminated in a reddish light. The light appears to be generated by small strips running along the middle of both walls. Approximately 10 meters from the entrance there is a metal grating set in the floor. (Note - The players will probably assume this is a trap) The grating leads to a 3-4 meter deep pit, meant to collect water incase of flooding through the entrance.

Main Hall: The main hall is meant to be used as the commons and dining area. It includes some basic food storage, a kitchenette with stove and sink, and a large table with chairs. There are several 3-shelved bookcases about the room, intended to hold books for survival and education.

Storage Room: This room is lined with metal shelves with two sets of shelves running down the center of the room. This room was intended for food and non-weapon equipment storage.

Bunk Room: This room includes 3 bunk beds (total of 6 beds) and lockers (6) for the inhabitants of the shelter to use. The lockers line the wall to the right of the door, and include basic locks (DC-15).

Maintenance Area: This area includes the air conditioning and purification system, basic survival gear, and weapons locker. The weapons locker is locked (DC-20). The locker provides space for 4 rifles, 4 pistols, and a drawer for ammunition. In most cases the weapons locker will not be filled to capacity.

In one corner of the room there is a large black box with a small hatch, and 3 colored buttons (red, green, and black). This device is the power generator for the shelter. The three buttons are the ON button (green), OFF button (Red), and the deactivation button (Black). The small hatch is used to add new fuel pellets to the generator, to open the hatch the generator needs to be turned off then deactivated. A single fuel pellet is good for 3 months.

Also in this room is a seal hatch way. This hatch leads to an emergency entrance that can only be open from with in the shelter. Behind the hatch is a crawl way that travels approximately 100 meters ending at a ladder. The ladder leads to a hidden exit on the surface.

Adventure Setting

The area in which the shelters occupy is a bit off the normal travel routes. The explorers have heard a couple rumors from traveling merchants that there are some unusual domes in the area.

GMs Note ­ the first of the shelters has been detailed below. The other four shown on the map have been given some short description to allow you to use in your adventure.

Shelter #1 - (Monster Shelter) At some point in the past the emergency exit for this shelter was left open and several creatures have found their way into the shelter.

1) The main entry hall has become the home of a Little Clicky, which has turned the water trap into a nest.
If the nest is searched there is a 35% chance of finding a random

2) The Main Hall is filled with broken furniture and appliances. Searching the room will not turn up anything of real use, but does have a good chance (+4 to listen test) of warning either the Big Clicky in the Maintenance Room or the Little Clicky in the Storage Room.

3) The shelves with in this storage room have been knocked down and broken up to form the nest of a Little Clicky. Both of the Little Clickies with in the shelter have been raiding each others nest, and so far this one has been on the loosing end.
To stop this it has been setting up an ambush. The Little Clicky is hiding underneath some of the debris waiting to attack with a medium sized club it found. It is a spot (DC 20) to keep from being surprised by the Little Clicky.

4) The door to the Bunk Room has been locked from the inside.
  The origninal inhabitants of the shelter sealed this room. There appears to be a small container hanging from the side of one of the bunks, with a thin tube running under the blankets. If the blanks are pulled back, it will be discovered that the tube leads to a skeleton.
If anyone searches under the bunk they will find a journal. The journal chronicles the experiences of a young survivor. The chronicle ends with references to one of the other survivors leaving through the emergency exit to try and find some medicine.
With in the lockers the party can find 1d3 random relics. In addition they also find a small metallic box (Lead lined) with in the box are several golf ball sized metal orbs (fuel pellets). If the pellets are carried out side there box the give of trace amounts of radiation. (1d6 CON per day).

5) The maintenance room has become the nest of a Big Clicky, it intends to use the shelter to start a hive. The Big Clicky has found several relics and learned how to use them. These relics include: a stun pistol (2 charges left), 3 doses of muscle booster, and a hybrid medium sword.
The weapons locker is locked and has had a very simple grenade trap placed within it. (Search DC ­ 17, Disable Device ­ 15) if the trap is not disabled a fragmentation grenade goes off destroying the contents of the locker effecting everyone in the normal blast radius. If the trap is disabled with in the locker are a Gunpowder Rifle with 50 rounds, and a fully charged Laser Pistol both are in "Good" Condition.

Shelter #2 ­ (Never Occupied Shelter) This shelter was never occupied and still includes basic supplies (food, water and power) for 18 months. The weapons where never placed in the shelter but it does include several books on survival, medicine, and agriculture.

Shelter #3 ­ (Abandoned Shelter) This shelter was abandoned sometime in the past. Most of the reusable item have been removed, but the doors to the shelter are still sound. It is possible that the former residents of the shelter might have left a message as to where they went.

Shelter #4 ­ (Secured Shelter) When the former inhabitants left this shelter they left a little surprise for anyone that tried to get into the shelter. There is a "Security Robot" whose last orders where to guard the shelter. There maybe some interesting Relics left behind.

Shelter #5 ­ (Radiation Leak Shelter) At some point the generator of this shelter was severely damaged causing it to leak dangerous levels of radiation. All areas within the shelter other than the Maintenance Room have been contaminated with "Cool" intensity radiation, and the Maintenance Room has been contaminated up to "Warm" intensity radiation. The party should be able to find 1d4 +1 Relics with +10% bonus on their condition. Any items removed from the shelter will give off "Cool" intensity radiation.

May 2002