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The Shrine

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A Radioactivist clicky lives in a mildly radioactive dome. It is turning the dome into a shrine for its fellow Radioactivists, who are setting up a colony nearby. There are left-over relics here, but it hasn't found them. If you want some combat, then predators, attracted by the clicky, are lurking in the wilderness around the dome.

The clicky's arms are tentacles (actually articulated limbs with countless joints). It weaves its arms in the air as it speaks (so that you as the DM can do the same while speaking in character), and its name is Zigzag.

The explorers are likely to encounter the predators first. They're latterbugs.

If they surveil the dome, the PCs are likely to see the clicky moving about, and maybe even hear it, but it would take a persistence or luck to get a view of the clicky. The longer they surveil, the more you roll for random encounters.

If the explorers hail the dome before approaching, the clicky parleys with them (carefully). It considers the dome holy and does not want blood spilled there, if it can be avoided. It welcomes friendly travelers but does not want them to enter its part of the dome. It invites them however to spend the night in the shelter of the dome, in a section that it is not preparing as a shrine.

It claims to be a "Brother," a member of the "Brotherhood of Thought," but it doesn't really know how to fake it, and it doesn't know the secret sign.

It speaks religiously, often mentioning "God." It might say a prayer to "God" before eating or call on God's blessing on the explorers when they leave. Of course, it thinks of radiation as "God," but that's not obvious. It might refer to God as "the God of Light" or "the Creator" because that's how Radioactivists see radiation. It thinks of mutations as proof that God is leading the world toward perfection, and defects as evidence that the halfway point toward perfection sometimes looks a little rough to mortal eyes.

If they simply approach, the clicky tries to ambush them (or tries to slip away to reinforcements from the colony 30 miles away).

If the PCs spend the night in the dome, Zigzag is personable. Here's a chance for the PCs to chat and kick back with a friendly (if doctrinally challenged) NPC. In the morning, however, they wake up with 1d6/2 Con damage each (half a day's exposure). They feel noticeably weaker, and they might get out as soon as they realize what's happened. That's enough damage that one of the explorers is likely to pick up a mutation or defect. If confronted, Zigzag probably comes clean about their brush with divinity and its religious inclinations.

In my playtest, the PCs spent the night in Zigzag's dome, and one of the PCs picked up a defect. After debate, the party decided not to kill Zigzag. The players would have had an easier time believing that Zigzag was friendly if there had been some part of the dome or nearby dome for them to explore. Like they show up, and the friendly clicky tells them about scary things living in the basement of a nearby dome.

September 2002

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Zigzag's Mutations and Defects







keen nose


padded feet


psychic crush


resist radiation


crude hands


poor respiratory system