Were the Liberals Right?
progress and policy of the 20th century

US Immigration Policy
a conservative view from a (former?) liberal

Patriotic Gas Tax
aligning costs to reality

Intelligent Design Compromise
something to make everyone angry

Prudent Premarital Sex
the importance of fornication

Virginity Pledges Turn Black Teens White
abstinence and ignorance

Hunger in America
liberal victory and silence

Bald Eagle
patriotism and environmentalism

Minimum Wage
on not raising it

Second Amendment
the power to take on the feds

Law and Morality
subjectivity and objectivity

just how creepy is it, and why? [Peter Donis]

Global Nuclear Disarmament
US national interest meets worldwide longing for peace

Smoking for a Stronger Nation
the economics of self-destruction

Medical Marijuana
rebuttal of a DEA essay

Gays and Choice
well-meaning liberals at it again

David Duke and Welfare Reform
racism, eugenics, and perception

Selling Newborns
a free market solution

Saudi Arabia
why we got jacked

Abortion Protects an Endangered Soul

Public Education as Justice
rights of poor kids and rich parents

Health Insurance
nation health insurance for better business

Preventative Incarceration
imprisoning people for what we think they'll do

Taxes vs. Spending
what the debate ought to be about

In the News 2005
news commentary

In the News 2003 to 2005
news commentary

In the News 2002 to 2003
news commentary