Intelligent Design Compromise

“If you look at the scientific description of the universe, there is some reason to believe that God created life on earth. This explanation for the origin and nature of life on earth is so far-reaching that it is beyond the scope of human science. There is, on the other hand, no scientific reason to believe that the earth is only several thousand years old. Science is conclusive that the earth and life on it are billions of years old.”

If we’re going to put an Intelligent Design statement into our public school science classes, then that’s the statement I’d like it to be. I’d consider it a step forward if more schoolkids believed that God created the world and fewer believed that He did so ten thousand years ago. I don’t think that God created the world, but it’s a pretty harmless thing to believe. I don’t think that the world is ten thousand years old, and those who think it is scare me.


the temple at Burning Man 2005

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