Abortion Saves an Endangered Soul

Children that are killed while still in the womb go straight to Heaven. It's true that all people since Adam and Eve's fall have been born into sin (except for One person, anyway). But aborted children have not been born into sin because they haven't been born at all.

A child that is not aborted but is born in the US, on the other hand, is likely to be brought up in godless ways. God has been shut out of the public square and of public schools. Modern "morality" says that there is no real right or wrong and that Christianity is just a "tradition" or "set of beliefs" that one can adopt or reject with no eternal consequences. It's a sad but true fact but very many, perhaps most, people in the US will go to Hell when they die. If a child is born in to this life, he or she is likely to die eternally. A child of any woman that would have an abortion is especially likely to go to Hell, as anyone who would murder her own child obviously can't set a Christian example for her children.

Abortion is murder of an innocent, and those who commit abortion will go to Hell, but at least abortion guarantees the innocent victim eternal life with the Lord in Heaven.

October 2001


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