Saudi Arabia

October 2001

If we had to get attacked, wouldn't it have been better if terrorists had attacked us because of our tireless campaign for global human rights? What if we'd gotten attacked because of our support for women's rights in the Muslim world? Or for freedom of religion? Instead, we got jacked because we support the repressive royal family of Saudi Arabia. We support the Saudi royals because we need oil. We don't care that women don't have rights in their country. They're our allies, even if they don't like us. We don't care that the government imprisons dissenters and lets rapists walk.

People are talking about the Palestinians, but bin Laden's gripe is with Al Saud, the Saudi royal family. They're too cozy with the West, and they allow the US to keep a standing army in Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden would like to turn his battle into a pan-Islam movement, but for him it started as nationalism.

What if we'd been attacked because we were supporting a women's rights movement in Saudi Arabia? Or a democracy movement? Or a freedom of faith movement? Wouldn't it have been better to get attacked for doing something noble?

But instead, we got hit because we're in bed with a bunch of corrupt Wahhabi extremist royals. Saudi Arabia is bad news. If we cared more about human rights than about barrels of crude, we'd never be all cozied up to this country or to its regime.

If we had supported human rights in Saudi Arabia, we probably would have gotten attacked for that anyway. But at least that would be something worth fighting for.

October 2001

Patriotic Gas Tax: How to stick it to our Saudi "allies."

Link: International Religious Freedom Report 2004—Saudi Arabia
A Hindu's life is worth 1/16th as much as a male Muslim's life, and other choice details.


Saudi Arabia in the News

December 2006: Saudis Fund Iraqi Terrorism
The Iraq Study Group says that Saudis are funding the the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. The Saudis deny everything.

October 2005

Saudis Get Waiver for Religious Repression
The Bush administation is giving Saudi Arabia a 6-month pass on the religious repression front. They can keep repressing
Christians, Jews, Bahais, Shi’ites, and everyone else, at least for now.

Saudi Insurgents in Iraq
new report from Center for Strategic International Studies says that Saudis are only a fraction of the foreign fighters in Iraq, but they're the wealthy ones. Algerians and others are coming to Iraq in more numbers, but Saudis bring thousands of dollars each, and their "martyrdoms" are publicized in Saudi Arabia to recruit new insurgents.