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The liberal-conservative argument goes on and on... ;-) I can't really stand too much of either side of the fence - I guess that may be because I'm socially liberal, but fiscally conservative.

Interesting to note.

1> It was the conservatives that wanted to end slavery. Yep, that's right the Republicans, not the Democrats. Sure, some of them wanted to end it for the wrong reasons, but it was Republican sentiments that started the Civil War.

2> Which party established national parks? Whether or not you agree with the feds "owning" land, or how they acquired it and manage it - it was the Republican party that pushed for that.

Of course it's odd because to most people Republican = Conservative and Democrat = Liberal. And yet, over the years their positions have changed, and they have swapped issues.

The problem with Republicans is that they want a small government - but they want it in everybody's bedroom.

The problem with Democrats is they want a big government, and they want it everywhere but your bedroom.

Or their differences over the military - the dems want a small army, but they want to send it everywhere (see # of incursions under Clinton), the reps want a big army and never want to send it anywhere...

"Come the revolution, we'll line em all up and shoot em" ;-) Just kidding - it's like that old play on lawyers.

June 2003

Here's more evidence that the 20th century featured the liberals being right. Most people who today call themselves fiscal "conservatives" would have qualified as liberals a hundred years ago. Even most fiscal conservatives support an income tax (maybe a flat one), Social Security, a floating currencty (no silver or gold standard), Medicaid, etc. Liberal progress has been so thorough that even most conservatives are "liberal."

September 2003

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