Andrea Yates Did the Right Thing

Andrea's five children all died while still innocent, and so they are assured a place in Heaven. By murdering them, Yates insured that they would go to Heaven, and not to Hell. If she had let them grow up, they might well have been drawn astray by Satan's guile. We all know some children of Christian parents who have gone astray. The kids rebel against God in order to rebel against their parents. They become atheists, or even join the satanic New Age, and when they kill themselves in drunken despair or die of AIDS, they go to Hell. Yates made sure that her kids wouldn't risk such a fate.

Other God-fearing Christian mothers might do well to follow Yates's example. If you don't send your kids to Heaven while they're young and innocent, they might grow up, turn away from God, die, and be damned. What greater gift could parents give their children than the assurance of eternal life?

There is one catch. When you send your own kids to Heaven, that basically damns you to Hell. You have to sacrifice your own eternal life for the eternal lives of your kids. In doing so, you follow the example of the Lord, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed Himself for His children. Luckily for the Yates kids, they had a mom who was up to that sacrifice. She accepted eternal damnation for herself in order to save her children.

March 2002

Abortion Saves an Endangered Soul: another rant on the same logical track

PS: Yates's religious beliefs and the religious beliefs of those around her contributed to the deaths of her children. She had hallucinations, such as the smell of sulfur, that she attributed to the presence of Satan. Those around her believed in Satan and found her delusions plausible as actual supernatural events. If those around her hadn't believed in Satan, they could have recognized Yates as ill much sooner. If a mother in a non-Satan-believing family and church starts saying that Satan is after her children, the family and church members know that she's crazy. A mother in a Satan-believing family and church doesn't have that same support.

April 2005

Andrea Yates in the News

June 2006

Condoms Effective Against HPV
For years the anti-condom crowd has raged about the alleged ineffectiveness of condoms in protecting people from HPV as a way of condemning pro-condom campaigns. A new study shows that condoms are effective at reducing the spread of HPV.

May 2006

Cardinal Says Condoms Sometimes OK
Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini said condoms were OK for married couples in which one partner has HIV/AIDS, directly contradicting the Vatican’s stance.