50% Chance You're God

Let's say you're Sally. You're experiencing what it's like to be Sally. But more on that later.

God is omniscient. But what does it mean to know everything the way God does? You can know things like a knowing a list of facts. You might know "Sally is looking at a tree." If you could see the tree from roughly Sally's point of view, you might know "Sally is looking at a tree that looks pretty much like that." But to really know what Sally is seeing you'd have to see it as Sally sees it. If Sally is red-green colorblind, then you'd have to see the tree without seeing red or green and without even knowing what red and green are. You'd have to experience Sally's awareness of the tree the way Sally does. God's omniscience isn't merely a catalog of facts, such as "Sally's looking at a tree." To be truly omniscient, God has to experience what Sally sees as Sally sees it.

Likewise, you might know "Sally is sad." But God omnisciently experiences Sally's internal experience. Some part of God is experiencing Sally's life the way Sally experiences it herself. That part is even experiencing the thought "I'm Sally." Otherwise God wouldn't be truly omniscient.

So there are two entities experiencing what it's like to be Sally. One of them is Sally, and the other is God. If you happen to be experiencing yourself as Sally, there's 50% chance you're Sally doing the experiencing and a 50% chance you're God.

August 2002