Christ's Failure

A remarkable feature of fire-and-brimstone Christianity is how feckless it makes God out to be. This version of Christianity portrays God and Satan locked in a 6,000-year struggle for the souls of humanity, and Satan comes out way ahead.


Fire-and-brimstone Christianity holds up two contradictory tenets:


First, that God became Man in a world-shaking act of self-sacrifice in order to free humanity from bondage to Satan and his lies; and,


Second, that even 2,000 years later the great majority of people across the world are in bondage to Satan's lies and go to Hell when they die.


For now, let's forget the countless people who went down to damnation in the 4,000 years before Christ died on the cross. Those people were already lost by the time Christ was crucified. We might ask why Jesus didn't show up earlier and save more people, but let's put that aside for now. Let's just think about the billions that have lived and died since Christ made Heaven attainable through His own blood. Almost all of these people failed to put their faith in Christ. Is it because they rejected Christ's offer of eternal life? No, mostly it's because they had never heard of Him.


And it's not just those who are ignorant of Christ who have been damned en masse. Fire-and-brimstone Christians typically portray the Catholic Church as a front organization run by Satan. Catholics amount to half the Christians on the planet, so the number of people actually saved is even smaller than the number of people who call themselves Christians.


Considering the billions of people who have inhabited the earth over the last 2,000 years, Christ mostly failed to win souls to eternal life. Instead, Satan mostly succeeded in thwarting Christ's redemptive efforts.


March 2005