RustyCon 03

About a thousand fans gathered in Bellevue, Washington, for RustyCon.

The Doubletree is a beautiful site with an amazing breakfast buffet.

Four princesses

One of the things I love about living in the future is that people build pit-fighting robots.

Though impossible for kids to control, the toy robots were pretty.

IFGS was running an introductory live action adventure.

This year had an expanded gaming area. I ran my experimental, miniatures-oriented, card-based random D&D dungeon. The final version is now published as part of the Miniatures Handbook. Ironically, the gaming offerings were a little weak the same year that we got more space. Folks seemed to agree that next year there should be more games suitable for casual players to drop into.

Like last year, security was tight.

A rabbit's foot is good luck, but a rabbit costume really improves your odds of getting lucky.

Beware the woman with the apple. If only we could go back in time and tell Adam.

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