RustyCon ’07

The theme this year was pirates. What do pirates have to do with science fiction? Maybe RustyCon isn't so much a "science fiction" convention as a "make-believe" convention. You can make-believe you're a pirate, or a Star Trek officer, or princess.

The author GoH was Terry Bisson (left), author of "They're Made Out of Meat," "Bears Discover Fire," etc. Bob Kruger of Electric Story offers "They're Made Out of Meat" as a free ebook. On the right, Terry's wife, Judy.

Thankfully, not everyone was a pirate.

Vampires, even vampire undertakers, are allowed into the Biohazard party.

Is this guy a fan boy? No, he's a super fan boy. This is Peter Christian, associate producer and special effects expert on the fan-produced, slick-looking, upcoming Star Trek movie, Of Gods and Men.

Two helpful damsels get this young man ready to be auctioned off for chocolate.

That's a cup of water on her head, and shoes like stilts. Who says SF fans can't curtsey in super high heels with cups of water on their heads?

More costumes.

The elevators were strangely claustrophobic. Maybe it was the vertical lines like bars built into the walls. Getting on an elevator was like a lottery. You never knew who'd be in the elevator (pirates, bemused hotel staff, a French maid with 5-o'clock shadow). Sometimes you lost. Sometimes you won.

I bought this piece by Agnes Olson at the art auction for $20. As a pro who makes his living off fans, I consider spending money at cons to be tithing.


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