RustyCon ’06

RustyCon 23 was held once again in beautiful Seatac, nestled between the freeway, the highway, and a cemetery. The Radisson will not be the site of RustyCon 24 because the hotel is being razed to make way for the light rail. Ah, progress.

Costumes were in full force. Here's T.A.R.T. Unfortunately, I didn't ask what "T.A.R.T." stands for.

Strangely, there was no bunny man this year. Maybe the cat man ate them.

But wait, this is the real cat man, Stalking Cat. Dressing up like a cat is one thing, Having your face surgically altered to look like a tiger's, now that's science fiction. Or an old Huron tradition, if there's any difference.

Isn't this a great country where freedom of personal expression is taken seriously? Hurray for liberal progress.

These was cuteness happening at the kids' costume contest.

There was a different sort of cuteness at the Biohazard party.

That's a bra hanging from the window frame in the background.

If you go to a Biohazard party and it's not that wild, my advice is wait until 1:30 or so.

This warning was posted on the walls, and it came true. Not for me personally, though. At least, not as far as I know.

Lots of the costumes are not copies of characters from media but instead are just creative and fun. Sort of like the costumes at Burning Man.

I know it's typical and self-indulgent to talk endlessly about one's Burning Man experiences, but a personal web site is all about self-indulgence.

This guy had a funny story for why he was wearing DVDs on his naked torso. I don't remember what it was.

Proving that there's some science fiction content at the party and that it's not just a crazy throwdown, here's Data and his love slave.


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