Norwescon 2006

Norwescon, the Pacific Northwest's biggest science fiction convention.

Some pretty girls go to elaborate lengths to demonstrate that they are not available. This one shows that she's not only about to be married but also dead.

SCA was there with some fun fighting demos. The interplay of different weapons used by different combatants was fun to watch. I think that the guy using the long-handled ax with the blade on the end of the haft was sort of cheating.

For more SCA photos, click here.

Everybody loves making chain mail.

Unlike other conventions, security at Norwescon was not tight.

Captains of different ships compaing notes.

Star Wars costumes were out in force.

Q. What could be better than a slave Leia?

A. Two slave leias!

Good-bye from Tinky Winky of Borg and all its friends. Until next year.


Norwescon 2005