VCon ’03

This year's turnout was lower than last year's, possibly because it took place in Surrey instead of in Vancouver. But I prefer to imagine that it's because the guests of honor this year just weren't as cool as last year. There were about 200 folks at the con.

There was no costume contest, but a few folks were in costume anyway.

The gaming room was mostly empty most of the time, though James Earnest ran a fair number of demos. Rumor has it that Vancouver gamers are too Vancouver-centric to go to a con in Surrey.

There were plenty of games left out for folks to come along and play, such as Zombies. Apparently 9-year old girls are more interested in the components of Zombies than in the rules. Certain 9-year old girls, anyway.

Canadian labor laws apparently don't prevent SF cons from using child labor. Here two minority children have been pressed into menial labor in the con suite.