VCon '02 Photos

VCon brought almost 600 science fiction fans to a nice hotel in Vancouver, BC. The game room was active all weekend long, and the con suite was a pleasure.

VCon invited Skip Williams (left), Monte Cook (right), and me (the good-looking one) to be guests of honor. VCon had a ton of guests of honor. Here we are talking about (what else) Dungeons & Dragons.

I got to rib Ryan Dancey, so the panel was a success.

Skip and I threw together an experimental miniatures game using the old Chainmail fantasy combat matrix. Skip, who played Chainmail with Gary Gygax, et al, was able to give me the historical context for the combat system. He also had a ton of cool miniatures for us to use.

Jon Dawes (lower left) ran the Living Greyhawk session in which my character got cursed. But she got to kill things, too, so that's not all bad then.

The RPGA was only running Living Greyhawk, which was fine by me because that's the only RPGA campaign I take part in.

If the con suite has beer, I can't not have a good time. Why does Scott Magner have two beers? I think one of them's for me.

When I saw someone walk straight into a glass door at the con suite, I suggested that we should put some tape on the glass so people know the door's there. But I was told that soon enough the glass would be smeared with so much spit, sweat, and oil from people barging into it that it would become clearly visible.

At the con suite I ran into someone carrying an economics textbook. Turned out he as a Libertarian who was going to be running for Seattle city council.

She is the very model of a heroine barbarian.

Marie is planning on putting on a play as a "panel" at next year's con.


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