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Mitchell re "

I read your analysis of the theories discussed in Dennett's book. I have not had the chance to read Consciousness Explained, but I have read Darwin's Dangerous Idea, and I can't help but bring a glaringly obvious point to your attention. Concerning the "red" vs. "sweet" comparison, it is necessary to realize that all concepts of anything we know to be truths in our lives have been taught to us. So, yes our perception of red or sweet could very easily be reversed, it's all a matter of teaching, and accepting what has been taught. It isn't enough to simply accept these perceptions as truths, it does seem to be a valid argument to ask whether or not all humans experience red and sweet in the same manner, but it also is a question that will go forever unanswered because we lack the ability to see life through the eyes of another man. The belief I have gained from my studies, is that the perception of anything has been taught to us from birth. It seems it is possible to escape these teachings, but not without considerable distress to the individual's entire identity.

—Mitchell Hagan
July 2002


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