GenCon ’03

GenCon's first year in Indianapolis attracted the usual crowd of unusual people.

Wizards was demoing the new D&D miniatures and the skirmish system that goes with them. The lone worg on the left is going to have trouble facing off against the thri-kreen, elf ranger, and axe sister.

Does Jozan grant Tordek a flanking bonus? Not when Jozan's dead.

Anthony Valterra with a little piece of history, a d20 book whose sexual content makes it ineligible for the d20 logo under the revised license. It was a preview of the Book of Erotic Fantasy, published by Valar. I bought a copy when the author, Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel agreed to. . . she said she would. . . oh, never mind.

Karen MacNeil ran gamer abuse, as she had at GenCon UK. Several gamers were sequestered in a hotel room and forced to play a variety of games, sort of gaming meets Big Brother. Robin D. Laws played God, running the participants through a game from his inimitable book Pantheon and Other Roleplaying Games.

Panels are always a good time because I get to hang out with other game folks and spout off. Here I am with James Wyatt, Andy Collins, and Chris Thomasson. I'm the guy with the beard. I mean, the one with the glasses. The guy in the Wizards shirt. They guy casting magic missile at the camera.

The RPGA launched its new campaign. As much as I liked Living Greyhawk, this structure of this campaign is much more to my liking. Maybe my constant carping had something to do with the new campaign's design.

Spooky, ghostlike statues lurk around corners in one of the hotels near the convention center.

You probably deserve something more interesting to look at than a bunch of gamers.