Evolutionary psychology and its critics
evolution is hard to understand, and the theory is easy to criticize

Y-Chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve weren't married
two remarkable ancestors, but just two...

Essence-down or parts-up
classic and modern realities

Human nature as its own opposite
divine and profane

Twilight of the reptiles
dinosaurs, taxonomy, and evoloution

UW Engineering Fair
coolest basements in the world

Green lust
spring and genitals

Retreat of Bible science
centuries of following behind natural science

Why is there suffering?
religions' answers, science's answer

Counting my engines
engines and software by Mike Davis

Future of intelligence
positive feedback loop

Magic doesn't work
skepticism and exploitation

Rainbows in Seattle
angles and reality

ID's lack of controversy
ironic argument

Extraterrestrial "plants" and "animals"
taxonomy and identity

Freud and postmodern thought
unconscious thought

Fate of humanity
us and our replacements

Jawless vertebrates
our first conquest in a long history of conquests

our family tree

Rorty and Dennett
truth and red in the human mind

Advanced tunicates
19th century biology on the beach

How the Mind Works
Stephen Pinker's shot at who you are

Creationism as anti-theory
whether evolution is "just a theory"

Irrational atheists
cause, effect, and atheism among natural scientists

racial throwback

Creation Information Center
Seven Wonders of Mount St. Helens

No life on Mars
biological tenacity

before there were genes there was blood

The ether, a vestige of God
objective judge of physics

Flannery's The Eternal Frontier
evolution of North American plants and animals since 65 million years ago

Dennett's Consciousness Explained
who are you, anyway?


In the modern world, ageless mysteries are to be had for petty cash and employed as gewgaws.

Evolution in the News

May 2008: Newspapers say chickens evolved from T. rex
An ignorant reporter says that chickens evolved from T. rex. What really happened? Scientists confirmed that dinosaurs, such as T. rex, are closely related to birds. It's a grade-school fallacy to think that prehistoric relatives are all ancestors. In fact, most of them are great-cousins N-times removed rather than direct ancestors.