Guevara re

Hi Guys. First of all sorry for my English. Reading various comments about Karl Marx, Welfare, Terrorism and so on I remained a bit -just a bit - disappointed.

First of all it seems to me that many of you haven't even read Marx's books, never studied seriously Hegel's philosophy or how economics really works. You can't judge Marx only by reading his Manifesto. Try to read ALL "the Capital" and let me know if you still think his vision is not a strictly scientific one (and not an idealistic one as I've read). I think, and hope not to be offensive (again my English doesn't help!), that the American school system is very poor and doesn't offer really much to young minds (in some school creationism is even taught: ridiculous!). I can see that -and I'm sure it is not your fault - many of you don't know history (e.g. the equiparation between 9/11 and 2ndWW) and think the world as an American-centric one. I really want to make a constructive critique, not a verbal fight. Recently I've seen Moore's "Bowling for Columbine". I really liked it, because it shows many things about American society. A society based on terror. Yes, terror. With no social solidarity and cohesion. With a strictly puritan individualism and moralism. Mors tua vita mea. Talking about evolution, I'd like to say that human species would have been largely extincted without collaboration and solidarity. It is our greatest resource. The capitalistic economic is not, to be sure, the best possible. It is based only on profits and exploitation of workers (plus-work and plus-value - never heard?). And is slowly collapsing. It's only a matter of time. I hope not to be too boring. And I'd like to have a serious confrontation with you on my (and yours) loose comments. Bye!

August 2003


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