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On the road to Mount St. Helens is the Mount St. Helens Creation Information Center. The Center is two rooms in the back of a couple's house. Here one can read about Mount St. Helens and how its eruption supports creation science.

When Mount St. Helens blew in 1980, it killed 57 people. One of those killed was David Johnston. He's the volcanologist who radioed in "Vancouver, this is it."

The people who run the center say that God killed Johnston. God had a point to make, and Johnston had the misfortune of being in His way.

The good people of the information center say that God made Mt. St. Helens erupt in order to demonstrate how quickly volcanoes can alter the surface of the earth. Layered strata and rivers formed in hours, badlands in days, and canyons months. Evolutionists say that these land forms take millions of years to form, but Mount St. Helens proves that they're wrong. The eruption also blew trees into Spirit Lake so that scientists could see how fossil forests and coal are really formed. (Hint: It doesn't take millions of years.) God made Mt. St. Helens blow up in order to show people that the theories and explanations of the evolutionists are wrong.

God even picked the perfect time to make the volcano erupt: Sunday morning when there were few people around; on a clear day, when people could see the eruption.

But there were some people around, and 57 of them lost their lives. The shows that God will hold His hand to preserve even ten righteous people. The curators of the Mount St. Helens Creation Museum seem to be saying that no more than nine of those people could have been righteous. At least 48 of those people were worthy of death in the eyes of all-merciful God.

Another strange thing about this interpretation of the Mt. St. Helens eruption is that it implies that God is weak or misguided. He killed 57 people to demonstrate to the world that creation science is true, yet the eruption has not led to a surge in creationism nor to a global questioning of evolution. If this is the best God can do to teach people the errors of their ways, He's not a very good teacher.

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