GenCon 2004 Schedule

My 18th straight visit to GenCon. Here's what I have planned.


Thursday, 19 August

8 am to 1 pm D&D Open—I'm running one session of this competitive RPGA event.

4 pm to 6 pm Panel: How D&D Minis Changed My Life ... er, Game—How we use miniatures in our D&D games.

evening Epic Level Party


Friday, 20 August

10 am to 2 pm Wandering the exhibit hall, preparing for Gaming Gurus

2 pm to 4 pm D&D 30th Anniversary Celebrity Panel

4 pm to 6 pm Panel: Gaming Gurus Pick the Goods—Robin D. Laws, Peter Adkison, Ken Hite, and I show off the cool stuff we found in the dealer room


Saturday, 21 August

10 am to 12 m Star Wars Miniatures demos at the Wizards booth

12 m to 2 pm Panel: Launching a New Campaign Workshop—How to get started. What to avoid.

2 pm to 4 pm more Star Wars Miniatures demos


Sunday, 22 August

10 am to 12 m Celebrity Table at the Wizards booth

2 pm to 4 pm How You Can Become a D&D Evangelist—Introducing others to the RPG hobby.