GenCon ’02 Shots

I'm no Sean Reynolds, but here you go.

GenCon's last show at the Milwaukee convention center. I'm going to miss George Webb.

A four-way Chainmail skirmish in a drow city, the aptly named "Death-o-Rama" scenario dreamed up by the irrepressible Rob Heinsoo (far left).


Chris Toepker, the guy running the new minis effort at Wizards.

The Chainmail championship.



The good folks of Hammerdog Games. I tout their stuff so much that people have asked me whether I have stock in the company.


Mike Donais from Wizards. I'm getting him excited about the game-play possibilities of Hammerdog's Imajewels.

Years ago I was struck with the notion that one could use the D&D rules to create a Gamma World adventure and publish it in Dungeon Magazine. D&D players could play it even if they'd never played Gamma World. Years later, that idea has pretty much come true, thanks to Erik Mona and the d20 games he puts in Polyhedron.

Aaron Rosenberg has done a number of intriguing, off-beat RPGs.

Greg Porter, an accomplished rules hack and RPG publisher.

Guardians of Order promoted their superhero RPG with this guy, a blow-up doll with a functional mouth.

She was handing out invitations to Peter Adkison's dance party. Not surprisingly, GenCon attendees in great numbers didn't taxi a couple miles to a dance that cost $20 to get in (but I had fun).