Seattle Gay Pride Parade
2006 photos

June 2006, Gay Pride Parade

The controversy this year was moving the parade from the gay-friendly Capitol Hill neighborhood to downtown. I think it was a great move: more space and a stronger political statement. Plus, Seattle in general is a pretty gay-friendly neighborhood.

Unitrians from around Puget Sound marched together. The UU Association is solidly behind gay marriage and just about any other liberal cause you can dream up.

Marching in the parade is more fun than wathcing it. So many groups want to march that the parade is really long. It takes less time to march the parade than to watch it.

The United Church of Christ, locked in a bitter feud with the UUs over whos's the liberalest, had a float with balloon God gazing down approvingly on the gay pride parade.

Not sure what the Filipino Youth angle is, but they were cute.

My gay-dar isn't very well-tuned, but I think this guy is gay.

"Gay" must be a hard term to live up to, but they give it their level best.

P:irates have a seasoned history in Seattle-area parades.

The parade ended at a big party in the Seattle Center, the site of many vaguely pagan seasonal celebrations.

Now that's what I call a party.


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