Jihad, Religion:
Islam, Religion of Tomorrow?

If Islam can shake its retrograde tendencies, it’s well-positioned to become the dominant monotheism of the world.


Unlike Judaism but like Christianity, Islam is not ethnic. Christians and Muslims proselytize and welcome converts. Judaism is disqualified as a contender for dominant world monotheism, while Christianity and Islam advance to the next test.


Unlike Christianity, Islam does not expect you to worship a human being as God. The modern concept that religion is humanity’s patchy attempt to recognize and worship God suits Islam better than it suits Christianity. This modern understanding identifies both Mohammed and Jesus as remarkable but fallible, human prophets. Moderate Islam can accept the idea that Mohammed was a fallible man and that the Koran is his enlightened but imperfect attempt at explaining God to humanity. Christianity ceases to be Christianity once it accepts the same of Jesus.


Furthermore, a modern Islam can exist side-by-side with a modern understanding of a mortal Jesus. Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet. People in historically Christian cultures do not have to give up Jesus, the Golden Rule, Christmas, or even the virgin birth to accept Islam. Easter would still be a little tricky. Old Testament classics, such as the Ten Commandments, Adam and Eve, etc., are compatible with or part of Islam.


Throw in a higher birth rate among Muslims than among Christians, and the decline of faith in historically Christian nations, and it’s not hard to imagine Islam as tomorrow’s dominant monotheism. Provided, of course, that Muslims stop promoting terrorism, hating Jews, denigrating women, executing apostates and homosexuals, glorifying martyrdom, attacking free speech, etc.


July 2006


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