Nonchristian Christmas

I've got several versions of this rant and I'm not sure which one is right.


1. Do you have fond childhood memories of Christmas pageants? Do you have less fond memories of Christian doctrine? Would you like your kids to get the lights, angels, sheep, and carols without being told they ought to believe this, that, and the other thing? This Christmas, check out your local Unitarian church. Star, yes. Creed, no.


2. Would your kids like to be in a Christmas pageant? Would they like to be angels and sheep? But are you afraid you'd be struck by lightning if you ever again set foot in a Christian church again? This Christmas season, check out your local Unitarian church. No creed. No fire and brimstone. Plenty of sheep.


3. As a Muslim, you want your children to honor the prophet Jesus. As Americans, they want to celebrate Christmas. This holiday season, take them to your local Unitarian church. Celebrate the man and the season with others who don't think Jesus was God.


4. Not Christian? Kids want to celebrate Christmas? No problem! Come on down to your local Unitarian church and join in the holiday fun. All creeds welcome, none required. Unitarians: Keeping the Christ out of Christmas since 1961.


December 2007




Unitarian Christmas pageant