Metric for Americans

Americans need to get with the program and switch to metric already. After all, it’s the official measuring system of the US. But my compatriots are never going to give up feet, gallons, and pounds. The solution? Redefine feet, gallons, and pounds as metric measurements. Instead of making us use metric, the government could redefine English measurements to make them match up with metric ones. Once we're used to the new measurements, the switch to metric would be easy, or unnecessary.



inch = 2.5 centimeters, 1/4 decimeter

foot = 1/3 meter

yard = meter = 3 feet = 40 inches

mile = 1-2/3 kilometer (or 1-1/2 km? or 1.6 km?)



ounce = 30 grams

pound = 1/2 kilo

ton = metric ton = 2000 pounds



ounce = 30 milliliters

cup = 1/4 liter

pint = 1/2 liter = 1 pound of water

quart = liter

gallon = 4 liters


December 2006

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