Angel re "
Apocalypse of St. Karl"

You said with regard to Karl Marx, "The exploited workers would rise up and use their superior numbers to recreate society to serve them instead of to serve the bourgeoisie. The corrupt world would be overturned, and the justice would reign in place of despotism."

And while I admit that I've never read the book (shame on me), I find this description of yours interesting. Because, if that is what he predicted, then his prediction will undoubtedly come true... only, in the form of capitalism. Mm? Let's hope it happens soon. I recently heard they're having a vodka crisis in Russia. Something about laws passed but necessary supplies not provided to allow manufacturers to abide by the law. Silly people. I'd riot too if I didn't have access to my vodka.

Angel McCoy

responses to "Marx"

Gay Pride Parade, Seattle, 2003

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