Race is a Bad Idea
what it's for, updated January 2004


Race, Religion, and Identity
how race and religion justify in-groups


"Race Gap" in School Discipline
why are black kids disciplined more frequently than white kids?


racism and myopia


Dixie Cross on State Flags
Southern heritage or racist symbol

Racism and Genetics
genetic determinism and racist thought in the 20th century

Eliminating the "Race Gap" in Seattle Public Schools
a modest proposal

David Duke and Welfare Reform
racism, eugenics, and perception

Seattle Cops Shooting Black Men
why are black guys shot more frequently than white guys?
Perhaps Blinded by Numbers
More on Seattle Cops
Sherm's Second Response
Without the Figures


racial throwback

quaint, racist anthropology of yesteryear

"Race Gap" in Student Performance
why do black kids do worse in school than white kids?


Junior High Race Riot 1978
a personal experience


Omari Tahir's Candidacy Statement
candidate for Seattle mayor


Crack Law
unselfconscious racism


Desegregation Undercut Black Neigh¸borhoods
the irony of free housing laws