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[My original post also referred low-quality public schooling in Texas, based on what I remember from the 2000 presidential campaign, but then I got this comment in my guestbook. —JoT]

I have to pick one nit with you in regards to your comparison of Texas and Norway and their oil. Texas did, in fact, use the money it received from oil revenues for education. In Texas, the universities (including my alma mater, the University of Texas) are funded through a huge state endowment called the Permanent University Fund. The money in this fund comes from oil revenues to the state.

Because of this, when I attended UT in 1984 my tuition was $4 a semester hour. This was not a special deal -- no Texas resident paid more than this.

I agree with most of your characterizations of the state, by the way. I live in California now for a reason!

—Ken McKinney
August 2002

Thanks for the information.

I was thinking of K–12 education, which tends to suffer the most in the States. But, not being able to find any stats to back up what I remember hearing 2 years ago, I've cut the references to bad schools in Texas.


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