Republicans and Democrats

I've got a Kerry/Edwards sticker on my bumper. This message is for those of you out there with Bush/Cheney stickers on your bumpers.

Predictably, the presidential campaign has turned negative. While all this negative campaigning is underway, remember that I'm proud to be your compatriot. You might vote Republican, and I might vote Democrat, but what's more important than our political leanings is that we're all Americans.

As Americans, we believe in liberty, justice, virtue, and prosperity. I support your freedom of speech, and you support mine. We acknowledge each others' right to worship as we choose.

Every four years, your party and my party get in a big fight over who gets to be the next president, and the rhetoric gets nasty. But that rhetoric shouldn't make us forget what we share.

I agree with the Democrats about 90% and with the Republicans about 80%. What we argue about every four years is the 10% difference. That 10% makes us lose track of the 80% that we agree on.

Lots of Democrats say they'd vote for anybody but Bush, but they're exaggerating. (Rhetoric, remember?) If you took the head of state from a random country and ran that leader against Bush, we'd probably vote for Bush. President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan against Bush? We'd vote for Bush. President Hu Jintao of China against Bush? Bush wins. Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia? Bush.

And more than Americans in general, you and I have something in common. We believe in our government enough to vote.

So when you pass me on the freeway and see my bumper sticker, smile and wave.

October 2004